Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Ronald McDonalds at Metrotown not only has a new look, it also got very enhanced technology. Yesterday I had my annual visit to the restaurant before heading to Superstore to get some grocery. When I looked at the menu, I noticed they have Angus beef burger, I guess it's worth to give it a try. So I got the AAA class Angus burger, and an ice coffee! Yes, not Sprite this time, it's ice coffee! One stop shop for Vera's Burger and Starbucks! yay...
After I finished my meal, I chucked the trash as usual. Guess what! there's a red light on the trash bin. It went "bzzzzz" for like a minute, then went off and the door started to close. I wonder what it does. Did it eat up my junk?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A lonely quiet Sunday

It has been ages since I updated this blog. Mainly because of work. Since I got into my new role, I could hardly find time to concentrate on doing anything at all. RSP season was one of the great event that drove everyone crazy. We got to stay until 8:00pm for the last 3 nights and had really good free dinner. First night was pizzas...yummy! Second night we had Greek food, and I got my special order of lamb souvlaki. When I was about to pass out on the 3rd night, we had Thai food..yay! The spicy sauce really woke me up.

When the crazy days were finally over, our boss treated us a dinner at Chilli Pepper House, which specializes in East Indian Chinese dishes.

It's Sunday today, why am I sitting here? I was supposed to be at church this morning, but I totally forgot to change the clock. Daylight savings already...

Ray is at work. Why does he go to work 7 days a week? Being busy is not a reason...even if we spend 24 hours at the office, things still won't get done. Life is short, but work is endless.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy 2008!

Finally got a chance to sit down and write. It has been awhile since I could even get a moment to sit down infront of the computer because Ray's butt has been thumbtacked onto this chair ever since he's on vacation...either MSNing or doing his Lumosity sessions...arrgggggg!!

The last two weeks has been very hectic. Christmas shopping with my picky "boss" was so tedious...since the way we spend and think are very different, another proof that men are from Mars women are from Venus. I guess God put us together so that we can learn to compromise and accept each other.

During this 2 week vacation, I also spent alot of quality time with Caitlyn. She's starting to build up her vocabs by listening to us and repeating what we say. Communicating with her is becoming very interesting and entertaining. Can't wait until my next vacation :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Official!

Another staff announcement made yesterday. It's my turn this time. My goal of becoming an Account Manager is finally fulfilled. Thanks to our greatest Father for granting me such a wonderful Xmas gift. I also want to thank my beloved hubby for his support and encouragement, and of course, baby Caitlyn is my biggest driving force for working so hard to earn this. I know the path ahead of me is a tough one, but life is all about taking chances. Letting go of one great opportunity to achieve another is inevitable.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some Strange Thoughts

Three kinds of fruits on a plate, persimmon, orange, and apple. It just came natural for me to eat my favourite persimmon first, then orange, and I'd finish up the apple. But when I looked at hubby who sat next to me, he had orange first, then apple I believe. I know he likes persimmon, but he would save it. What does this tell me? Obviously he's the type of person who likes to save up for retirement. I guess the way people eat tells alot about their personality.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Surprised Birthday to Ray!

After spending 2 days thinking about where to go for dinner on Ray's birthday, I decided on a fine dining restaurant that overlooks Coal Harbour. I thought, this is supposed to be good...good reviews, great ambiance. So I made the reservation 2 days in advance and even confirmed the time before we left. I only gave Ray the direction to the restaurant, I didn't want to tell him the name because I want to give him a surprise and wow him. So there we were, drove all the way to Denman street and paid $8 for parking, walked over to the restaurant. Then I realized something was wrong...how come the name is different...errrr...didn't seem right to me...the address was right though. But I went ahead and walked into the restaurant and was greeted by some Japanese. "Is this Bravo Bistro?" They looked at me and said, "this used to be Bravo Bistro, but they closed down half year ago" I couldn't believe what I heard, I was 100% sure that I made the reservation, how could this happen? 2 possibilities: 1. I made the call while I was dream walking. 2. I was on crack.

After a few urgent phone calls to friends, I got the restaurant's contact and found out that it's not Bravo, it's a Moroccan Restaurant located in gastown. Nice! BIG surprise for Ray and I did WOW him. Thanks to Entertainment Book!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Caitlyn is Walking!

After 15 months, Caitlyn finally has the courage to take her hands off the furniture. She's now able to walk freely around the house. Watching her walk back and forth transporting her toys is amazing...I would be satisfied just standing there all day and look at her.